A walk in the park is easy.
And a walk in nature is good for your health, in a myriad of ways.
Good for problem solving apparently.

Movement helps generate thoughts and ideas.

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking,” advised Nietzsche.

If you take it a few steps further, literally and metaphorically, and add curiosity to the experience, then a whole world of inspirations opens up too.

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than trees.”- Henry David Thoreau

Inspirations are all around us, it’s just that we often aren’t curious enough to notice.
And nature has inspiration in abundance.

Have you seen the underside of a fern leaf ?
Or looked in to the intimate structure of a dandelion ?
I’d never heard of an Allium until a week ago.

Looking at the leaves on a branch from a different perspective and seeing how they glow in the sunshine with an unexpected vibrancy… fascinating.


Designing provides an opportunity to satisfy a need, or a desire, or both – sometimes the desire is the need.

It can also be an opportunity to educate and inspire.
It’s all there if we choose to see.

Being curious, about nature, people or life in general, provokes a sense of understanding, possibly a feeling of appreciation, maybe even a sense of respect.

I recently learned of Terrariums and found the work of Paula Hayes pretty fascinating.
Plants growing in the eco-system of a closed glass container seem to look after themselves?
What? Really?
You might have guessed by now that my fingers aren’t green!

This revelation caused me to wonder …

A terrarium for a heel ?

Cherish the Haworthia Fasciata.