Inspiration is everywhere, weaving its way around the world. Floating in the ether.
For anyone and everyone to reach out and catch.

And it’s interesting to see where similar sources of inspiration eventually re-appears, and on what.

How inspirations can begin in a similar place and go on such different journeys.

Through the minds of different people, and appear on different materials, on different products, with different brands and in different markets.

For a recent project, I designed a tropical inspired print to brighten up the days of those who work in healthcare, and their patients.

A print that would embellish the Toffeln clog’s that nurses love so much.

After all, images of nature’s beauty can inspire health benefits, no matter how slight.

My trip to Hawaii in 2001 came to mind.
Tropical flowers felt right.

The clogs launched a few weeks ago.

While Oscar de la Renta’s gorgeous new dresses (atop) might not be suitable for the ward,
Toffeln’s tropical clogs certainly are.

They’re Clogs with a cause – check out their charitable side. 

And on the weekend, you could wear both! 

Comfort, elegance, and charity.