Design & development.
A selection shown.
While working for Peter Black (an M&S supplier) from 1998 – 2006,
and then directly for M&S from 2006 – 2008.

2001/2002 : Created and developed a branded breathable concept/story.
Initially ‘mole technology’ – as a working title – the Movement Of Living Energy, described the air movement through the molecular inspired network of channels.
Presented as ‘Airtech’,
and becoming the successful ‘Airflex’ brand for Marks and Spencer.

2002/2003 : A small collection developed with a mixture of natural, un-dyed, eco-friendly and/or recycled components.
Working with a factory in Thailand who were already recycling a % of their rubber waste for floor mats at the time.

A playful, reversible, washable slipper product, complete with branding story.

Continual evolvement of the successful boat-shoe range.