Her feedback could be brutal,
and she was famous for it.
Louise Wilson was the course director for the Fashion Design MA at St Martins – tutoring the likes of McQueen and Saunders, Kane and Kokosalaki.


When I first met her, my interview was quick enough to give me whiplash.

The next time was nearly 20 years later, when her response to me was much friendlier.
She was a big fan of the all black, utterly plain versions of our sandals and would visit the office (FitFlop) to review the range.

We got on well and I’d go as far to say as the brutally honest feedback – negative and positive – was a welcome receipt.


It was her way of provoking a reaction.

For pursuing better.
A better reason for the product to exist.
To justify its place.

“No point in doing any old ****. “


In an interview a few years ago (for @Another magazine I think) Molly Goddard (a student of Wilson’s) shared this list of films that Wilson would give to her students – I assume to broaden perspective and inspire ideas.

Thought I’d share it here.

“It’s a secret language known to different people, in different ways, that enables them to read a subliminal message without realising they’re reading it.” : Louise Wilson.