There’s so much that happens in our lives that we often overlook moments and unique inspirations that surround us.

Enjoying the moment, being fully present in the moment, creates a stronger resonance and can inspire ideas that have a greater depth. You come away with a feeling that you’ll remember for years to come.

A few years ago, my friend Mush (not his real name) invited me to a talk being given by one of his friends, Mark (his real name). 

Held in Angelina’s in Dalston Junction, Mark shared the story behind the unique inspiration for the Golden Gai*  – a bar he’d designed towards the back of the restaurant. 

An intimate space immersed in the influences absorbed during his many trips to Japan.  In particular, the essence of a provocative and surreal Shinjuku, in the heart of Tokyo. 

Casually, deftly, helping to unveil Mark’s stories was a friend of his; Graham.

The chat was interesting – the food was delicious – and I kept in contact, loosely, via instagram.

A few days ago, on his instagram feed, Graham posted a picture of a package he’d received from Cate Le Bon.
A t-shirt, a pin badge and an album. 

Curious, I continued to Cate’s page, and tasted a few music clips before being distracted by another train of thought.


Synchronicity strikes a few days later (or is it serendipity?) when Austin Kleon mentions the very same Cate in his newsletter, and linking to this interview with Emma Madden.

From having never heard of Cate Le Bon just a few days ago, and feeling like I probably should have long before now, to twice in three days.
It would have been rude, and maybe even a little ignorant, to experience these moments and not indulge in more of her work.

Yes, there’s a new album, so the wheels turn.
And I realise it’s not impossible for potential influences in my ‘world’ to refer to similar, and in this case the same, inspiration.
People like us, like things like this. 
I guess that’s what’s interesting about the organic side of social media, what’s left of it.

When the wheels turn through such completely different sources – sources that come about through living life, and meeting people – rather than hits from a sidebar, or a pop-up CTA – it has it’s own story to tell. In and of itself. 

The story of how it came to be in your life.
Not via an algorithm, but from a section of the very thread of your life.


I delved deeper in to Cate’s world and found a couple of beautiful songs … with a mesmerising melancholic flow to them.
Like many singer songwriters, and creativity in any other medium, Le Bon delves into her own life for unique inspiration. The very essence of life that swirls around her and within her.

And …

Both are on her ‘Reward’ album which was released a few years ago. The cover art of which inspired the boot at the top of the page.

After so much time in lockdown over the last couple of years, the sense of roaming over rocks in the outdoors rather appeals to me.

Textures of a rock face, against the haze of a winter sky, and a highlight of red.
A wise colour to be wearing if you ever get lost in the Cumbrian hills.

And the angle. 

The angle of the composition. 

I love it.

Whether it’s music produced
or art that’s created.
Whether it’s a story being written …
it’s when your heart becomes elated.

How to find unique inspiration ?
From inside your own life – and it’s all around you.

“You can find inspiration in everything.”
: Paul Smith.